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Lori’s Soap & Sponge

Why Goat’s Milk?
Goat milk adds richness, and a creamier lather to bath and body soap. It is also very moisturizing. By adding Goats milk to our soap, we lower its pH, which helps to maintain the natural pH mantel of the skin. Goat milk is also a natural source of alpha-hydroxy acids. Recent bath and body studies indicated alpha-hydroxy acids rejuvenate the skin, making you look and feel smoother and younger.

Why Olive Oil?
If you have never before used a bar of homemade natural Olive Oil Soap, your skin will definitely know the difference. Most commercial soaps are detergent-based, and can leave your skin itchy and dry. Olive Oil Soap leaves behind a thin layer of olive oil, which holds moisture while allowing your skin to breathe.